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Easy Making

Here you can find easy things to do if you're bored or just want something else to do. You don't need much to make amazing things that can give you and someone else a smile. 



Halloween costume


Duck tape



Aluminium rapping, for metallic detalils

Colored paper, for the flowers

Glas can lid, for the small lights in the front



Zombie Hippies!! Finally I got a reason to make favorite car. This costume was almost to nice to use during a party with lots of drunk people...





April Fools' Day


Black pen





First of April, my mum and dad woke up to this thanks to my little sister. A prank that even gives the victim a big smile.





Sun light

Yellow frisbee with smile face or something else similar 

Yellow fabric





There is not a lot of sun light in Umeå during winter time so I decided to make my own one.

Funny it worked for me and the sun gave me both warmth and smiles. 



Use tape that doesn't leave marks in the roof.



Balloon letter

1 balloon (any size)

​1 waterproof marker 

envelope and stamps to match the size 

Send a blown up greeting to your friends.
A different way to tell a story. This balloon was sent to my friend when I was living in Syndney. The balloon had to live by my side for a whole week before I had managed to cover it all with text and images.



A balloon is much bigger then you think.





Halloween costume

Fabric, in differnet coulors

Wire, to make cirkles in different sizes 

Paper, to make the hat

Glue, to put fabric on the hat

1 sewing machine, if your in a hurry

Face coulor, white and red


This was my halloween costume 3 years ago. You dosen't have to be scary just becouse everyone else is.. 



Do not sart to make the costume the same day as the party. 



Light pictures

Camera, with long shutter

Flash light

Really dark place


Draw on your pictures in light is super easy. If you haven't tried you should. It has to be pitch black, the darker the better. Just find a stable place for you camera and use a long shutter. Turn on the light to paint and turn of the light if you want to move it without making a line. 







Sausage protection

1 piece of plywood or similar

1 good crack in the mountain

A splendid idea from my friends during one of many awesome island bbq:s.



A too big bonfire could break the mountain. 



Shower curtain

Plastic Bags, 25+

Wide Clear Tape



Place the bags in an order you like on the floor. You can use an old shower curtain to make sure the size is the same. Use the handles of the bags as loops to hang the curtain. When you're happy with the result, tape the bags together from both sides.



Make sure you tape so no water gets inside the bags. 



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