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My whole life has been with lots of creativity around. I have always build and made stuff out from material that I find around me. This is things I make in my ordinary life. Sometimes I plan it some times it just appears. I hope you will find some of it useful, or more importantly funny! 

About Hannamind

For me, this is just my life. You can do what you want when you want as long as you're not saying stop yourself. Sometimes you have to follow your heart and sometimes your head but almost always there're ways around the no-voice inside you!
Hannamind is a website for anyone that wants to get easy advise about how to make life a little bit more special then an ordinary day. It doesn't have to cost heaps of money, take lots of time and be planed a year ahead. You can also just do it! 


In February 2013 I had nothing to do when I spend some time in Sydney with friends. Out from pretty much nowhere I started to paint a kids book. Now one year later this book will be published both in Sweden and in Switzerland. Here you can order a signed copy from me personally or just have a quick look inside the book. I will now start making my second book that will be published this autumn. You can follow the process under my Book Blog! Who knows what will happen..
I love to challenge my self and to come up with new adventures that might be dreams but also might come true. Since I have been a student for a long time and haven't really had a proper job for a while, money are for me always something I have to save. But this doesn't mean that I'm cutting down on my adventures, more likely the opposite. I challenge my self to make trip as cheap and as full of experiences as possible. If I stop I will feel trapped, and that will not happen. 
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